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NHK, Telemundo, and Fox News radio interviews

In 1998 »NHK TV, the premier Japanese news network, sponsored a global forum on nuclear power. Dr Belilovsky was asked to participate as the representative of the Russian community in New York because of his experience in the pediatric care of the children affected by the »Chernobyl disaster. The article he wrote for the forum was translated into Japanese; in the film clip from the program he is identified as an expert in the care of radiation-exposed children.

During the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, both because of his experience in treating children with flu, and especially his experience with children of Mexican heritage, Dr Belilovsky was interviewed in Spanish by Telemundo.

During the same outbreak, Dr Belilovsky was interviewed by many stations of the Fox News Radio Network; one of these, with a Miami station during morning drive time, is included:

Awards for Excellence

In 2003 »Americhoice, the nation's largest provider of high quality public sector health care programs, listed us in their »newsletter as a Center of Excellence in asthma care. Our office is also mentioned by COLA (a clinical office lab accreditation organization) as a 2008 Laboratory Excellence Award Recipient.

Guest Speaker

Dr Belilovsky has spoken to numerous audiences across America, including the Harvard School of Public Health, and recently Support Group for Parents of Russian/Ukrainian/Romanian Adopted Children, on the medical and social aspects in the care of children brought to the US.

New York Times

In 1992 an article in »New York Times, described Dr Belilovsky's pioneering work in the then-fledgeling Russian immigrant community.

In other news, it seems as though people are becoming interested in what we have to say. There are now articles incorporating our opinions to SIDS, obesity, “third-hand” smoke and (of all things) handling embarrassing baby situations, and we published a case report of an allergic reaction to a sewing needle. And, on one occassion, an interview in which I expressed an opinion was incorporated into an article that claimed the opposite. I think it is fair to say that we agreed to disagree.


A discussion of cardiac tamponade and pericardiocentesis at a science fiction convention gave rise to a scene in »Judith Tarr's book ALAMUT.
The acknowledgement reads, "I owe a particular debt to Anatoly Belilovsky, MD, for aid and advice in matters medical..."
Dr Belilovsky himself acknowledges a particluar debt to Dr Tarr (PhD, Yale) for her brilliant historical fiction.

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