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Belilovsky Pediatrics is the place you come to for help with your children's health.

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Our main office in Brooklyn is in the Brighton Beach area, one block north of Brighton Beach Avenue, corner of Brighton 6th street. It is open 365 days a year. It is an area to which people come from all over the New York area for the best food, entertainment, beach, books and videos -- and for the best pediatric care for their children, for the last -

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In Staten Island, six days a week, on Bay Street halfway between Verrazano and the ferry. Can't miss it.


First, we show up for work. Sounds simple? Well, you should see our front desk on a major holiday, or on a Sunday of a three day weekend: one after another, families whose doctor is elsewhere when urgently needed.

Second, we have the training (every doctor is Board Certified) and the equipment to help you with anything that is part of General Pediatrics. See Toy Stories for ways in which cold machines made a difference in lives of real families.

Third, we accept most insurances you are likely to have. We have rejected some Managed Care plans -- those that managed to make referrals so difficult as to compromise patient safety.

Fourth, for patients without insurance, we charge a single reasonable fee for the visit that includes all procedures we may need do in the office.

Fifth, if we don't do something, we'll send you to someone who does it well.



Practically every sick child is seen within 24 hours of the start of
symptoms: the same day we get the call, or early the next day. This makes our job much more complicated: the strep throat does not look like a strep throat the first day, you cannot hear the popping sound of a pneumonia, there is no rash yet of roseola or chickenpox. A diagnosis that is obvious on Day 4 is, on the first day, a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. That's why the blood count, the strep test, the pulse oximetry, and the dozen other things we can do to help make the diagnosis -- and begin treatment -- sooner, more precisely, and more effectively.


The big reason doctors specialize in pediatrics is the difference they can make for their patients. We pediatricians are the reason there are no more children's cemeteries or iron lungs, we are the reason schools no longer close for measles or scarlet fever quarantines, we are the reason asthmatic adolescents win sports medals. When we show up for work on the 4th of July, it is so that some child too sick to get up that morning can have a chance to feel well enough to watch fireworks come nightfall.


Toy Stories...

Abbott Celldyne This is an Abbott Celldyne 1800 CBC analyzer. It helped us save a child, and the livelihood of a day care center, by diagnosing a blood disease in a little girl who came home from day care with a huge bruise that appeared to be a result of child abuse. It helped us save several children with bleeding ulcers, pneumonia, appendicitis by showing ominous changes in blood counts long before anything can be detected on physical exam.


Welch-Allyn Tympanometer This is a Welch-Allyn tympanometer. It shows changes in the middle ear that can lead to ear infection -- long before anything is visible through an otoscope.


Strep Test KitThis is a strep test kit. Would you believe strep throat can look like a stomach virus? This lets us start treatment long before the throat can turn beefy red with petechiae and pus on tonsils.


Nellcor Pulse OximeterThis is a Nellcor pulse oximeter. It can pick up some of the heart defects that do not generate a heart murmur, or pick up that one child in whom a severe respiratory illness is masquerading as a mild bronchitis.


NebulizerThis is a nebulizer. It helps us break an asthma attack in the office -- so you can go home, not to the emergency room.


Welch-Allyn Hearing ScreenerThis is a Welch-Allyn hearing screener. If your toddler is ignoring you, is it Terrible Twos or a hearing impairment? We'll know in five minutes.



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